Prevendra - Red Folder

What is Red Folder?

Red Folder is your guide to your online and real world accounts, documents and directives. The means for you to provide to your designee the direction and access so they may act as your proxy, when you are unavailable or unable to do so yourself. Think of Red Folder as your personal continuity plan.  Create your Red Folder today.

Prevendra - Senior Online Safety

The last of the boomers turns 50 years-of-age in 2014, and the number of those of us 45+ is one of the largest population bubbles ever witnessed. This demographic is also, collectively, the most targeted by criminals. Our company, was founded on the principle of sharing our collective knowledge. At Senior Online Safety we do just that, we share information, impart advice, provide guidance, and commend to your attention a constant stream of information. Information which you can put to use, immediately to stay safe and secure as you navigate through your day.

While our name implies the info is best suited for you the senior or the seniors in your life, we have been assured by our readers the information is suitable for all, including those who are “not so senior.” We share our information in a variety of ways: website, videos, live presentations and through e-books.

  • Senior Online Safety – The website Senior Online Safety contains original content published in English and Spanish
  • Presentations –  Christopher Burgess is available to present to your organization on the topic of Online Safety. His presentations can be crafted for all age groups ranging from elementary/secondary/high school through to seniors (a video of his presentation at AARP’s Scam Jam on 01 May 2014 is provided below)
  • eBook:  Senior Online Safety

Christopher Burgess presenting on the topic of Online Safety at AARP’s Scam Jam – 01 May 2014. 45 min presentation – via TVW – Washington State’s public news network

Senior Online Safety - Christopher Burgess speaking at the AARP Scam Jam - 01 May 2014