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Prevendra, Inc - Woodinville WA

Prevendra, derived from the future-tense of the Spanish word:   Prevenir – to prevent.

Prevendra exists to help you stay safe and secure, be you an individual, a small-medium business or community organization.

Protecting person and property both online and off is our mantra. Our focus is on intellectual property, online safety & security, privacy and identity protection. While intelligence is a word with many connotation, we believe intelligence to be at the root of both our national security consultancy, as well as our capabilities in the strategic competitive intelligence arena.

Strategic competitive intelligence is far more than just picking up a newspaper and reading about one or another company or individual sharing their internal private information which can be harvested by an individual, competitor, criminal or nation state.

We share our knowledge through our writings, web sites (e.g., Senior Online Safety), and public speaking.

Our CEO is invited regularly to speak on a wide variety of topics, to include intellectual property protection, social media and network governance and safety, insider threat, and healthcare security.

Additionally, he is sought out by media to comment regularly on a variety of topics, to include cyber security, national security, intellectual property, social networks, leadership and online safety & security.

At Prevendra knowledge is shared, secrets are protected.