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Developer hangs patient data out in the cloud – for two years (CSO Online – July 18, 2017)

Access all areas – but for how long after you have left the company? (Naked Security – July 18, 2017)

Wait, you didn’t want to clean the toilets? Read the terms! (Naked Security – July 17, 2017)

Social Networks and Operational Security (Cylance Blog – July 17, 2017)

OPM Cybersecurity still not up to par, according to IG (Clearance Jobs – July 14, 2017)

How did the data of 14M Verizon customers end up online? (Naked Security – July 13, 2017)

Outside or Insider: Who will cause today’s data breach? (IBM Security Intelligence – July 12, 2017)

Apps that are a matter of life, death and data win $75,000 prizes (Naked Security – Sophos – July 10, 2017)

Insider wreaks havoc on company – after he resigns (CSO Online – July 10, 2017)

Bad things happen to good people – but you can help stop that (Naked Security – Sophos – July 05, 2017)

When is public information not public? When LinkedIn says so (Naked Security – Sophos – July 03, 2017)

Happy 50th Birthday: Hole in the wall cash-machines (Naked Security – Sophos – June 30, 2017)

Who’s watching? Face recognition means goodbye to hiding in crowds (Naked Security – Sophos – June 29, 2017)

DoD Continues to look for the new CAC – Powered by Behavior-based Authentication (Clearance Jobs – June 28, 2017)

Watch out: Don’t lose your passwords when you sign-up online (Naked Security – Sophos – June 27, 2017)

China’s HUMINT operations against Defense Contractors in full swing (Clearance Jobs – June 23, 2017)

Russia Targeted 21 states during US election says official (Naked Security – Sophos – June 23, 2017)

Deep Root: What we can learn from the GOP data leak? (Naked Security – Sophos – June 22, 2017)

PII of 1 million compromised in Washington State University safe heist (CSO Online – June 21, 2017)

NSA failed to implement security measures, says damning report (Naked Security – Sophos – June 21, 2017)

Anatomy of a scam: How phone fraud harvests millions from us (Naked Security – Sophos – June 20, 2017)

Murder in Pyongyang (Prevendra – June 19, 2017)

CEO lies, commits fraud, and yes, the startup craters (CSO Online – June 19, 2017)

When Hiring and Firing Puts Your IP at Risk (Cylance Blog – June 19, 2017)

Your Mouse Knows When You Are Lying  (Naked Security – Sophos – June 16, 2017)

Financial Sector Remains a Top Target in 2017 (IBM Security Intelligence – 12 June 2017)

Healthcare: Are you prepared to trade privacy for treatment? (CSO Online – June 12, 2017)

Want to Work at the CIA? Why Your Mindset and Lifestyle Matter (Clearance Jobs – June 7, 2017)

Security Awareness: Don’t be an Ass and Assume (Cylance Blog – June 7, 2017)

You Think That Post is Secret? Beware it Can Come Back to Bite You (Naked Security – Sophos – June 7, 2017)

What Happens When You Share Classified Information With the Press (Clearance Jobs – June 6, 2017)

Is Waymo’s IP in Uber’s Hands? They both may be victims (CSO Online – 05 June 2017)

The Insider Threat Training Requirement is Here – Are you Ready (Clearance Jobs – May 30, 2017)

Are CIA officers as bad ass as in the movies (Clearance Jobs – May 28, 2017)

China continues to steal high-tech trade secrets (CSO Online – May 27, 2017)

Empower Your Employees to Become Security Awareness Champions (IBM Security Intelligence 24 May 2017)

What Is it Like to Work at the CIA? (Clearance Jobs – May 23, 2017)

China’s theft of IBM’s intellectual Property (CSO Online – May 22, 2017)

Iran espionage capabilities have a powerful bite (CSO Online – May 20, 2017)

Learning from others and ourselves (Cylance – May 18, 2017)

What happens to your security clearance after you’ve been fired, suspended or retired? (Clearance Jobs – May 15, 2017)

Did Kaspersky step in dog-doo? (CSO Online – May 13, 2017)

Worldwide National Threat Assessment – The DNI’s View (CSO Online – May 11, 2017)

Why not to take your classified work home (Clearance Jobs – May 10, 2017)

Not all is sweet. Swiss intelligence infiltrates German tax authorities (CSO Online – May 05, 2017)

How to Marry a Terrorist: FBI Contractor Who Married an ISIS Fighter, a Different Type of Insider Threat (Clearance Jobs – May 04, 2017)

China’s Spy Hunting Tactics (CSO ONLINE – May 03, 2017)

Need a fix? Steal patient data (CSO ONLINE – April 28, 2017)

Chinese Espionage at the State Department (Clearance Jobs – April 26, 2017)

China’s hand caught in the cookie jar (CSO ONLINE – April 19, 2017)

Why Security Clearance Holders are Required to Report Contact with Foreign Nationals (Clearance Jobs – April 19, 2017)

Mopping up after your vendor’s data breach (CSO ONLINE – April 10,2017)

What is Foreign Investment Control or Influence (FOCI)? (Clearance Jobs – April 10, 2017)

W2 Scam Targets Defense Contractors (Clearance Jobs – April 5, 2017)

Can Ivanka Trump Get a Security Clearance? Of Course She Can (Clearance Jobs – March 22, 2017)

Dmitry Dokuchaev: Playing Both Sides? (Prevendra – 17 March 2017)

Shadow IT: When Employees Go Rogue with IT Devices (Clearance Jobs – March 15, 2017)

International FSO’s and Data Protection Regulations (Clearance Jobs – March 08, 2017)

Four Case Studies for Your Required Insider Threat Training Program (Clearance Jobs – March 03, 2017)

Social Engineering: From Qatar With Love – Cyber espionage (Prevendra – 03 March 2017)

Departing Zynga Employees Heist Intellectual Property? (Prevendra – 25 February 2017)

Data Hoarding Among Employees Latest Insider Threat Nightmare (Clearance Jobs – February 18, 2017)

Did Your Developer Leave a Website Backdoor? (IBM Security Intelligence – 09 February 2017)

Insider Threat Training – Building Your Employees’ Defenses (Clearance Jobs – February 06, 2017)

Three Counterintelligence Tips for Every FSO (Clearance Jobs – February 02, 2017)

Russian FSB cybersecurity implosion continues with more arrests (Prevendra – January 28, 2017)

January 28, 2017 – International Data Privacy Day (Prevendra – January 27, 2017)

International Data Privacy Day (Huffington Post – January 27, 2017)

Russia’s FSB Cybersecurity Team Implodes (Prevendra – January 26, 2017)

Insider Threat Solicitation Seeks Keystroke and Computer Monitoring for Government Users (Clearance Jobs – January 24, 2017)

Online Services and Hospitality Security Go Hand in Hand (IBM Security Intelligence – 13 January 2017)

IP Theft: How Often Does Your IP Walk Out the Door? (IBM Security Intelligence – 12 January 2017)

The Difference Between DSS Directives and Recommendations (Clearance Jobs – January 05, 2017)

Customer Loyalty Sweepstakes: The winner engages the customer securely (Prevendra – January 05, 2017)

Financial Advisor at Ameriprise exposes millions in assets via NAS (Prevendra – January 04, 2017)

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HIPAA Settlements of 2016: Lessons Learned (IBM Security Intelligence – 30 December 2016)

DSS New Risk Management Framework (RMF) (ClearanceJobs – December 26, 2016)

Ransomware: Attack and Resolution (Prevendra – December 19, 2016)

Financial Services Sector Ends 2016 With a Bang (IBM Security Intelligence – 19 December 2016)

Department of State’s Contractor Review Panel (ClearanceJobs – December 14, 2016)

President’s Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity Recommendations (ClearanceJobs – December 12, 2016)

The U.S. Federal CISO and His First 100 Days (IBM Security Intelligence – 09 December 2016)

Federal CISO: Cybersecurity Professionals Need to Make Themselves Harder Targets (ClearanceJobs – December 05, 2016)

Madison Square Garden customer payment cards harvested (Prevendra – November 30, 2016)

Navy Reports Massive Data Breach Affecting Sailors (Prevendra – November 29, 2016)

MSU data breach: Database with 400,000 records accessed (Prevendra – November 25, 2016)

HUD Data Breach – A True Black Friday (ClearanceJobs – November 23, 2016)

JPMorgan runs afoul of the FCPA: $264 million settlement (Prevendra – November 21, 2016)

Data Breaches, again, at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield New Jersey (Horizon BCBSNJ) (Prevendra – November 18, 2016)

Retail Cybersecurity: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Are Upon Us (IBM Security Intelligence – 18 November 2016)

Should the Trump Children Get Security Clearances? (ClearanceJobs – November 17, 2016)

Kremlin’s Clinton Gambit Fails With Trump’s Election (Prevendra – November 17, 2016)

Yes, Your Computer Might Be Spying On You (ClearanceJobs – November 16, 2016)

Insider Threat – Canadian privacy breached as PHI/PII goes missing in Manitoba (Prevendra – November 16, 2016)

Chinese Cyber Espionage: What’s leaving your smartphone? (Prevendra – November 15, 2016)

HIPAA Fines and Your Business Associate Agreement (IBM Security Intelligence – 11 November 2016)

Work for the FBI as a Cyber Legal Attaché (Clearance Jobs – November 07, 2016)

Agro Espionage – China’s corn espionage lead, MO Hailong, sentenced to prison (Prevendra – November 4, 2016)

The NSA Contractor and the Suitcase Full of Secrets (Clearance Jobs – October 29, 2016)

Agro Espionage – Rice to China – Wengui Yan’s guilty plea (Prevendra – October 28, 2016)

What Happens When The Internet of Things Crashes? (Clearance Jobs – October 24, 2016)

IP Theft: Crowdfunding sites harvested by Chinese counterfeiters (Prevendra – October 20, 2016)

Reliability disrupted when your data isn’t stolen, it’s changed (Prevendra – October 19, 2016)

Where’s Your data and Can You Actually Get To It? (Prevendra – October 18, 2016)

Insider Threat Becomes Insider Theft: What’s your plan. (Prevendra – October 17, 2016)

How Will the Internet of Things Be Leveraged to Ruin Your Company’s Day? Understanding IoT Security (IBM Security Intelligence – October 13, 2016)

Data breach – Are you prepared? Most are not. (Prevendra – October 12, 2016)

Selling secrets to Russia? It’s a bad idea (Prevendra – October 11, 2016)

US Presidential Election 2016: The Kremlin Prefers??? (Prevendra – October 10, 2016)

National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Attestations and Certifications (IBM Security Intelligence – October 07, 2016)

Espionage or Hoarding: NSA Contractor Arrested (Clearance Jobs – October 06, 2016)

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Promotes Need for Better Login Procedures (Clearance Jobs – October 05, 2016)

The Chief Trust Officer and the Need for Corporate Trust (IBM Security Intelligence – September 14, 2016)

What is a CAC? –Analyzing Next Generation Authentication (Clearance Jobs – August 27, 2016)

Security Conferences Abound: Which Should You Attend? (IBM Security Intelligence – August 26, 2016)

NSA’s Tools Go Missing to Shadow Brokers (Clearance Jobs – August 22, 2016)

Government Rules for Protecting Your Personal Information (Clearance Jobs – August 15, 2016)

How Is Your Information Shared? Understanding the US-EU Privacy Shield (Clearance Jobs – July 30, 2016)

International Businesses Will Encounter Multijurisdictional Compliance Issues (IBM Security Intelligence – July 26, 2016)

Profile in Espionage – Curtailing a Satellite Spy with an Insider Threat Program (Clearance Jobs – July 18, 2016)

Pokemon Go Security and Privacy (Clearance Jobs – July 12, 2016)

Hacking Politics – Political Security in an Election Year (Clearance Jobs – June 28, 2016)

Midyear Review: The Continuing Challenge of Financial Services Threats (IBM Security Intelligence – June 27, 2016)

Spying for Cash – US Federal Reserve Bank Hacked (Clearance Jobs – June 20, 2016)

Creating an Insider Threat Program – Adjusting to NISPOM Change 2 (Clearance Jobs – June 13, 2016)

HUMINT – Human Intelligence Targeting of Technology Continues (Clearance Jobs – May 10, 2016)

China’s Answer to Security Breaches – A Day of Education (And a New Cartoon Series) (Clearance Jobs – April 28, 2016)

When Operations Managers Speak Security Awareness, Do Employees Really Understand? (IBM Security Intelligence – April 12, 2016)

How will creation of NBIB affect NISP? (Clearance Jobs – February 21, 2016)

Social Network Monitoring in Background Investigations (Clearance Jobs – February 17, 2016)

Our nation’s critical infrastructure is both vulnerable and fragile (Clearance Jobs – February 09, 2016)

IRS and Businesses Work Together to Combat Tax Refund Fraud  (IBM Security Intelligence – 08 February 2016)

Juniper Hack Shows the Hazard of Backdoors (Clearance Jobs – January 10, 2016)

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Why Startups Should Implement Security From the Outset  (IBM Security Intelligence – 25 December 2015)

With 2015 Cybersecurity Challenges in the Rearview Mirror , 2016 Presents New Opportunities  (IBM Security Intelligence – 11 December 2015)

Economic Espionage: The Global Workforce and the Insider Threat (IBM Security Intelligence – 20 November 2015)

Protect What You Collect: Keep Protected Health Information Secure (IBM Security Intelligence – 03 November 2015)

Economic Espionage: The Myth That ‘We Have Nothing of Interest (IBM Security Intelligence – 09 October 2015)

Embrace Green Energy Initiatives — With an Eye Toward Security (IBM Security Intelligence – 17 September 2015)

Congress Concerned About Role of Contractors in Intelligence Community (Clearance Jobs – September 06, 2015)

Privacy and Windows 10: What’s in Your Settings? (IBM Security Intelligence – 24 August 2015)

Beware Where You Share: British Intelligence Cautions Employees Against LinkedIn (Clearance Jobs – August 21, 2015)

Proceed With Caution to Security Conferences: Black Hat, DEF CON and BSides Hit Las Vegas ((IBM Security Intelligence – 20 July 2015)

OPSEC Strikes Against ISIL – It Could Hit You, Too (Clearance Jobs – June 17, 2015)

The Morality of Self-Reporting Security Clearance Issues (Clearance Jobs – April 15, 2015)

RSA Conference: Six Must-Attend Sessions for CISOs  (IBM Security Intelligence – 14 April 2015)

Is My Security Clearance a Secret? (Clearance Jobs – April 07, 2015)

How Businesses Can Protect Themselves From a Data Breach (IBM Security Intelligence – 24 March 2015)

Data Breaches in Health Care Sector – Nation State Espionage Targeting? (Clearance Jobs – March 20, 2015)

Lenovo Laptop Adware Issues – Happy Chinese New Year (Clearance Jobs – February 20, 2015)



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Why the Role of the CISO Is Vital in Every Company (IBM Security Intelligence – 06 October 2014)

Spyware in Smartphones Sends Your Data to China (Clearance Jobs – August 18, 2014)

IBM’s CISO Joanne Martin Provides Perspective on Security (IBM Security Intelligence – 07 August 2014)

Cyber Criminals Never Sleep, Nor Should Your Fraud Prevention (IBM Security Intelligence – 07 July 2014)

Identity and Access Management (IAM) on the Move (IBM Security Intelligence – 04 June 2014)

Intelligence Community: The Full-Time-Equivalent Contractor (ClearanceJobs – February 2014)

When Security Policies Collide with Business Realities (RSA Conference Blog – February 2014)

Facility Security Officer Roles and Responsibilities (ClearanceJobs – January 2014)

Data Leakage: The human end-around to DLP (RSA Conference Blog – January 2014)

Security Awareness? “Once and Done” Does not teach awareness (RSA Conference Blog – January 2014)

5 tips for Handling Compromised Customer Data (RSA Conference Blog – January 2014)

4 Ways Social Network Engagement Can Derail a Company (RSA Conference Blog – January 2014)

Aldrich Ames and Spies in America – What to Do if You’re Approached  (ClearanceJobs  – January 2014)

Event Denial: If I Don’t Report It, Did It Really Happen?  (RSA Conference – January 2014)

Health Care Data Breach Growth in 2014  (IBM MidsizeInsider – January 2014)

Preparing for Windows XP End-of-Life  (IBM MidsizeInsider – January 2014)

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Espionage in the Heartland – China and Rice – Prevendra December 2013

Data Breach: The Downside of Data Loss for SMBs – IBM MidSize Insider – December 2013

IT Security Teams Enable Business – IBM Midsize Insider – December 2013

Security 2014 – Educate and Analyze – IBM Midsize Insider – December 2013

Espionage in the Heartland: China and Corn – Prevendra – December 2013

Five tips for a secure trip – For foreign travelers with a clearance  – ClearanceJobs – December 2013

IT Security Teams Enable Business – IBM Midsize Insider – December 2013

Data Breach: Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield – Two data breaches in five years – Prevendra – December 2013

Information Technology at the Strategy Table – IBM Midsize Insider – December 2013

Community Colleges and Data Security – Prevendra – December 2013

Customer Loyalty Sweepstakes: The winner engages the customer – IBM Midsize Insider – December 2013

Authentication – Who are you? Your person and device – ClearanceJobs – December 2013

Absent Appropriate BYOD Policy, Individual Users May Be IT’s Worst Nightmare – IBM Midsize Insider – December 2013

Transparency International measures global corruption – Prevendra – December 2013

Data breach in healthcare: University of Washington data breach – Prevendra – November 2013

Iranian nuclear accord deserving of skepticism or buying diplomatic space – Prevendra – November 2013

Work from home hazards for cleared professionals – ClearanceJobs, October 2013

No te dejes ‘pescar’ por las redes del ‘phishing’ – El Huffington Post – November 2013

WiFi:  Tres Pasos para conectarse seguro – El Huffington Post – November 2013

Practique una buena ‘ciberhigiene’ con su dispositivos – El Huffington Post – November 2013

Robo de identidad: aquí está y aquí continuará – El Huffington Post – November 2013

Online Privacy and Your Personal Information – ClearanceJobs, October 2013

Reputation Management and the Cleared Job Seeker – ClearanceJobs, October 2013

Identity Theft: ID Theft is here today, here to stay – Huffington Post – October 2013

Social Sharing – A Security Risk? – ClearanceJobs, October 2013

Posting Your Resume, What are the Risks? – ClearanceJobs, October 2013

Four Steps to Secure Your Smartphone – ClearanceJobs, September 2013

Managing Remote Workers in a Defense Industry Office – ClearanceJobs, August 2013

How should employers engage with employees on social media – ClearanceJobs, August 2013

Employee Off boarding: Three things every employer must do – ClearanceJobs, July 2013

Preventing leaks through better relationships – ClearanceJobs  – July 2013

Top three goals for new employee on boarding and security briefs – ClearanceJobs – June 2013

Duran Adam – El Hombre de Pie – El Huffington Post – June 2013

Duran Adam – Standing Man – Huffington Post – June 2013

Biggest problem in the US Government classification system today – ClearanceJobs – June 2013

Traitor or Patriot, Huffington Post, June 2013

China’s intellectual property advance – Prevendra – May 2013

China’s Military:  Here we are!, Huffington Post, May 2013

Defining the cause of a data breach – Prevendra – May 2013

Foreign Travel = Travel Reporting, ClearanceJobs, May 2013

‘Sexting’: los adolescentes lo hacen, ¿y los tuyos?, El Huffington Post, May 2013

Inadvertent Disclosure:  Knowing the Risk, CSO Online, May 2013

Big Data – La seguridad como elemento indispensable, El Huffington Post, May 2013

Top 10 Reasons Your Employee’s Security Clearance Was Rejected, ClearanceJobs, May 2013

What’s a data breach, Huffington Post, April 2013

Big Data Security is a must have, Prevendra, April 2013

NISPOM Training Requirement, Prevendra, March 2013

Do What I say, Not What I Do, Children and Mobile Devices, Huffington Post, March 2013

Security: Who is responsible, Prevendra, February 2013

With ICD10 and ICD11 Looming, Are Coders Still Needed, Healthcare Executive Insight, February 2013

Double-Dog Dares. Sexting, Kids Do It, Do Yours?, Huffington Post, February 2013

Safer Internet Day 2013: It’s Not Espionage to Know How Your Children are Accessing the Internet, Huffington Post, February 2013

Data Privacy Day: Version 2013, Huffington Post, January 2013

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Sensitive Data on Parade, a look at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Huffington Post, December 2012

120 World War II Characters Forever Encrypted, Huffington Post, November 2012

Secure the Data! Big Data Analytics Can Help, IDG Connect, November 2012

Election 2012: Obama Smoked Romney in Social Networks, Huffington Post, November 2012

Election 2012: Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story, Lockergnome, October 2012

Less Than 30 Days to Election 2012, Huffington Post, October 2012

Have No Fear of ICD-10, For the Record, September 2012

Compliance Does Not Equal Security, CSO Magazine, June 2012

4 Steps to Follow When Your Credit Card is Compromised, Huffington Post, April 2012

Foxcon Hacked (could it be you?), Huffington Post, February 2012

Five tips for a Safer Internet Day 2012, Huffington Post, February 2012

[x_feature_headline type=”center” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h2″ icon=”pencil-square-o”]2011[/x_feature_headline]

Are Your Health Records At Risk?, Huffington Post, October 2011

Wi-Fi Three Steps to Stay Safe, Huffington Post, October 2011

Are Your Medical Devices Secure?, Medical Marcom, September 2011

Patient Data, the crown jewels, Mayo Clinic, July 2011

Social Media: The efficacy of the corporate guide, Cisco, June 2011

When”Phish” is Really Fishy, Huffington Post, June 2011

Your Name; Your Privacy, Data Privacy Day 2011, Huffington Post, January 2011

[x_feature_headline type=”center” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h2″ icon=”pencil-square-o”]2010[/x_feature_headline]

You, Your Data and Its Data Center, Huffington Post, December 2010

Out of Control User = Frenetic IT, Cisco, November 2010

Are You A Demanding User?, Huffington Post, November 2010

Use Horse Sense, Don’t Be a Mule, Huffington Post, October 2010

When Your Employee Doesn’t Want to Come to the Office, Cisco, October 2010

So You Want to Work Remotely?, Huffington Post, October 2010

Social Engineering – A Threat Vector, Cisco, September 2010

Grandparents Day – Celebrate your Grandchildren Online, Safely!, Huffington Post, September 2010

Back to school Safety Tips – Social Media, Device Security, Malware, Huffington Post, August 2010

Time is Now for WiFi Neighborhood Watch Programs, CSO Magazine, July 2010

The “Double-Edged Sword” of Location-Based Services, Huffington Post, July 2010

Social Media – Security Risks? It Depends Where You Happen to be Sitting, Cisco, June 2010

Three Good Reasons to Lock Down Your Wireless Network, Huffington Post, June 2010

Happy Mother’s Day!  Tips to Keep Mom’s Laptop Safe, Huffington Post, May 2010

The Insider: A Liability or an Asset? CSO Magazine, March 2010

Where’s Your data and Can You Actually Get To It?, Huffington Post, March 2010

Mail – Got Mail? Got Criminals? – Cisco, February 2010

How to Keep Your Privacy Private: January 28, 2010 – Data Privacy Day, Huffington Post, January 2010

Data Privacy Day: Playing it Safe Online, January 2010

Security – Who is Responsible? Cisco, January 2010

[x_feature_headline type=”center” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h2″ icon=”pencil-square-o”]2006-2009[/x_feature_headline]

A Common Sense Approach to Social Media, Huffington Post, December 2009

Social Elements of Security Policy and Messaging,   CSO Magazine , March 2009

Secrets Stolen? No, just the Intellectual Property. SC Magazine, May 2008

Nation States, Espionage and Counterespionage, An Overview of the 2007 Global Economic Espionage Landscape” CSO Magazine, April 2008
Article: CSO Magazine: March 2008 Edition: “Spy vs. Spy”

How to Stop Industrial Espionage , CSO Magazine, September 2006

“How to Avoid Intellectual Property Theft, CIO Magazine, July 2006

“Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost CSO Magazine, June 2006

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