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CNN – Out Front w/ Erin Burnett – Discusses the counterintelligence ramifications of the FBI’s interest in former US Ambassador Robin Raphel following the FBI’s search of her residence and office. Prevendra’s CEO is a featured guest.

Bloomberg – Taking Stock – Discusses National Security, Privacy and Snowden – the impact on the security of the United States national security. Prevendra’s CEO, Christopher Burgess s a featured guest.

China TV America (CCTV) – In recent months, cyber criminals have targeted numerous financial institutions and they’ve jeopardized millions of customers, most notably, at JP Morgan Chase. For more on the threats financial institutions face in this digital age, CCTV America talked with Christopher Burgess, CEO of Prevendra and the voice of Senior Online Safety.

BBC’s World Have Your Say – Discusses espionage and spying on one’s allies after it was revealed that the US had intercepted the cellular telephone calls of several European leaders. Prevendra’s CEO Christopher Burgess provided commentary

BBC’s World Have Your Say – Discusses Edward Snowden and his relocation to Moscow – defection or asylum. Prevendra’s CEO Christopher Burgess provided commentary.

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