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Prevendra Consulting

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Security Consulting


Prevendra provides virtual Chief Security Officer  (CSO) services. Providing advice, guidance and security recommendations for your entity from ideation, through product development, to physical environment, on to product engagement and customer data security. In addition, domestic or international corporate/industrial espionage prevention, insider threat investigation and consultation are also available.

Prevendra virtual CSO is available as a retained service.

Due to the always available nature of these engagements, Prevendra limits the number of active virtual CSO client engagements to three.

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Competitive Intelligence


Prevendra provides strategic competitive intelligence analysis. Providing research and analysis, discretely for clients who wish to understand their competition’s strategy, execution, personnel and direction.  We are able to perform on both sides of the competitive intelligence equation.

What information is being harvested by your competitor?  If you can answer that question, you are in great shape. If you don’t, you may wish to conduct a defensive competitive analysis.

Prevendra’s competitive intelligence service is available.

Due to the labor intensive nature, Prevendra only accepts two competitive intelligence clients at one time.

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Security Awareness


Prevendra’s principal, Christopher Burgess, brings his expertise to bear in helping you create an appropriate security awareness program for your company or organization.

Read about security awareness training by or about Christopher Burgess:

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If you need immediate assistance

Telephone:  +1-425.318.7860
Skype:  PrevendraLLC
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We exist to share our knowledge which will keep you safe and secure, today and tomorrow.

Prevendra stands ready to provide you with professional support through direct consulting.

You will find Prevendra to be:

  • Experienced – Our principal, Christopher Burgess, brings 35+ years of international experience in security, safety, privacy, intelligence & counterintelligence.  He is supported by a cadre of analysts with local, regional, national and international experience.
  • Economical   – We work within the client’s budget, providing the best collaborative solution.
  • Transparent – Transparency and integrity – we advise, recommend and inform – the client decides.
  • Confidential – We keep your secrets, secret.  (Christopher Burgess co-authored: Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost – Preventing Intellectual Property Theft and Economic Espionage in the 21st Century).

We look forward to discussing your needs.

At Prevendra knowledge is shared, secrets are protected.