We exist to share our knowledge which will keep you safe and secure, today and tomorrow.

At Prevendra we know knowledge is power, therefore, knowledge to be of value must be shared.

Within Prevendra Knowledge we have evolved programs which offer our unique perspective on with respect to security, safety, privacy, intelligence & counterintelligence. We have the Prevendra Two-Day Community Knowledge Share; our blog where we discuss items of national and international national security concerns; we contract write with by-line contributions. We also offer training and presentations.  In addition, the book Senior Online Safety by Christopher Burgess – published by Prevendra Inc, is now available for immediate download.

Prevendra - Senior Online Safety - ebook English edition

Prevendra’s Knowledge Share activities include:

Prevendra two-day community knowledge share
Senior Online Safety Sharing actionable information to keep seniors and those who aren’t so senior safe and secure.
Prevendra’s presentations – as part of the two-day knowledge share or stand alone (keynote, workshop, seminar, webinar)

At Prevendra knowledge is shared, secrets are protected.