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IBM Security Intelligence Blog – Security Thought Leadership by Christopher Burgess



IRS and Businesses Work Together to Combat Tax Refund Fraud

08 February 2016

The IRS is well aware of the possibility of tax refund fraud. As a result, the organization released several guides for businesses and individuals alike.


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With 2015 Cybersecurity Challenges in the Rearview Mirror , 2016 Presents New Opportunities

11 December 2015

2015 had a lot of cybersecurity challenges, but many of these incidents have set up 2016 to be a year of opportunities for individuals and enterprises.


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Economic Espionage: The Global Workforce and the Insider Threat

20 November 2015

Insider threats could be carrying out economic espionage against your organization. How do you protect against this very real risk?


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Protect What You Collect: Keep Protected Health Information Secure

03 November 2015

If protected health information falls into the wrong hands, it could result in costly medical identity fraud that hurts both patients and insurers.


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Economic Espionage: The Myth That ‘We Have Nothing of Interest’

09 October 2015

The threat of economic espionage against the enterprise is more than just a myth — it’s a reality that organizations must prepare for and defend.

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Embrace Green Energy Initiatives — With an Eye Toward Security

17 September 2015

More companies are implementing green energy initiatives, but this often leads to specific security and privacy concerns that must be addressed.

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Privacy and Windows 10: What’s in Your Settings?

24 August 2015

Windows 10 users should read the latest Microsoft privacy statement to fully understand what they’re agreeing to when upgrading their operating system.

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Proceed With Caution to Security Conferences: Black Hat, DEF CON and BSides Hit Las Vegas

20 July 2015

Security conferences such as Black Hat, DEF CON and BSides are gaining popularity and credibility, but attendees should cover their own security bases.

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RSA Conference: Six Must-Attend Sessions for CISOs

14 April 2015

If you are a CISO attending the RSA Conference 2015, check out these top educational sessions that can help you improve your role and responsibilities.

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How Businesses Can Protect Themselves From a Data Breach

24 March 2015

A data breach can happen to anyone, and organizations can learn from the recent slew of data breaches to bolster their own security offerings.

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 Why Startups Should Implement Security From the Outset

25 December 2015

While resource constraints are the norm for startups and investing in security may seem unattractive, this could be what preserves the business.

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 Why the Role of the CISO Is Vital in Every Company

06 October 2014

Every company should have a chief information security officer (CISO) to accept responsibilities related to information security.

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IBM’s CISO Joanne Martin Provides Perspective on Security

07 August 2014

IBM CISO and VP of IT Risk, Joanne Martin, discusses IP protection, availing security awareness training to employees and securing IBM’s infrastructure.

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 Cyber Criminals Never Sleep, Nor Should Your Fraud Prevention

07 July 2014

Cyber criminals have substantial capabilities, operate 24/7 and are counting on your lack of education and fraud prevention know-how as their allies.

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 Identity and Access Management (IAM) on the Move

04 June 2014

Identity and access management systems were tested in 2013, a year that saw 822 million records compromised. Here’s what you need to know.



Economic Espionage: The Perfect Storm

07 December 2015

A culture of economic espionage may thrive in places where corruption and organized crime reigns supreme. What should companies know about this threat?


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Travel Security: Training and Equipping Your Employees for Travel

13 November 2015

A large part of your organization’s travel security strategy should include educating employees about how they should prepare for and approach travel.


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Economic Espionage: The Scrupulous and Unscrupulous Competitors

30 October 2015

You need a security strategy and corporate training plan in place to ward off the risk of economic espionage and keep all company data safe.


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Travel Security: What to Know Before You Head to High-Risk Locales

22 September 2015

Implementing a travel security program within an enterprise involves learning how to communicate certain risks to employees on the move.

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Travel Security: Protecting Your Personal and Corporate Wallets While Traveling

28 August 2015

Best practices for travel security span everything from personal safety to managing company wire transfers and business credit cards.

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 Travel Security: It’s a Tough World in the Competitive Trenches

28 July 2015

Travel security should not be taken lightly, and it’s up to you to make sure your devices and networks are safeguarded wherever you are.

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SMB Security: Tips for Small and Midsize Business Retailers

26 July 2015

Small and midsize businesses must prioritize SMB security best practices in addition to compliance with payment card industry (PCI) standards.

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Data Security Requires a Symbiotic Relationship Between the CFO, CIO and CISO

08 April 2015

As more and more data security incidents have cropped up in recent years, the CFO, CIO and CISO must work together to manage risk to their company.

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 Three Reasons Social Engineering Still Threatens Companies

13 March 2015

Social engineering harms companies by tricking employees into surrendering sensitive information. Here are three reasons why it’s still a threat.

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Professionals Discuss Cloud Security in November TweetChat

21 November 2014

In a recent TweetChat, security professionals from around the world came together to discuss new trends and innovations in cloud security.

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CISO vs. CRO: What’s the Difference?

19 August 2014

Bringing the chief risk officer (CRO) and chief information security officer (CISO) to the forefront allows for consolidated and uniform risk management.

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 CISOs Must Exhibit Dexterity When Addressing a Cyber Security Risk

23 July 2014

CISOs should focus on identifying and addressing the cyber security risk at their companies. This is no small task, and it requires a bit of dexterity.

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 What Is the Role of Today’s CISOs? 7 Questions Business Leaders Are Asking

23 June 2014

Insight from top IT security professionals on the changing role of today’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) featuring questions and answers.