Prevendra Two-Day Community Knowledge Share

Prevendra Two-Day Community Knowledge Share


What is a two-day community knowledge share?
Prevendra’s two-day knowledge share is an efficient and economical way to avail your community to Prevendra’s Knowledge, over the course of two days. Organizers and Sponsors typically select four topics for presentation to a variety of different audiences from within the community and event sponsors receive an immediate return-on-investment (ROI) with one-on-one meetings with Prevendra’s CEO, Christopher Burgess, for security stratagem discussions or discussions on any of the presentation topics.

What are typical community audiences?
Small or Medium Businesses (SMB)
Senior Citizen Community,
Students (K-12, Community College, University),
State or Local Government,
General Community (families, churches/synagogue/mosques or organizations

What type of presentations?
Presentations may take the form of a keynote address, a seminar, community out-reach or town hall.

What topics are available for presentations?
— Global Threat to Intellectual Property
— Identity Theft
— Privacy – You and your company: policy, process and strategies
— Online Safety and Security – customized presentation per audience demographic
— Social Networks – personal
— Social Networks – governance
— Competitive Intelligence
— Threat to Longterm Healthcare Facilities & Residents
— Security stratagems – from ideation to customer engagement
— National Security – role of intelligence in today’s world

What does a typical schedule look like?
Day 1:  0730-1930:  Up to four presentations (keynote, lecture, breakfast, lunch or dinner)
Day 2:  0730-1730:  Visits with four event sponsors for 60-90 minutes each, for the knowledge share discussions or presentations.

May my community host a two-day knowledge share?
Yes. We’d be delighted to work with you to arrange a Prevendra Two-Day Knowledge Share for your community or event.

How do we arrange for the two-day knowledge share?
Contact Prevendra at 425-318-7860 or via email

What is the cost of  Prevendra’s Two-Day Knowledge Share?
$7500 for a two-day program

What if we want a third day?
Additional days at $2500.

Who is Prevendra’s CEO?
Christopher Burgess - President PrevendraPrevendra’s CEO is Christopher Burgess. He co-founded Prevendra with the express purpose of sharing his knowledge, knowledge accumulated over the course of his diverse career. A career which has included, time as an executive within a small start-up dealing with big data analytics, as the Senior Security Advisor at Cisco, and 30+ years with the CIA, who awarded him with highest level of career recognition upon his retirement, the “Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal.” He co-authored the book, “Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost, Preventing Intellectual Property Theft and Economic Espionage in the 21st Century” (Syngress, March 2008) and contributed to “Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Healthcare” (Mayo Clinic, October 2012), with his contribution  of the chapter on privacy.  He has contributed to The Huffington Post beginning with the seminal piece, “A Common Sense Approach to Social Media,” as well as the Spanish language edition, El Huffington Post. In addition, his CSO magazine contributions are highlighted by three pieces, “Social Elements of Security Policy and Messaging” the study “Nation States’ Espionage and Counterespionage, Overview of the 2007 Global Economic Espionage Landscape,” and Inadvertent Disclosure: Know the risks.

Where has Christopher Burgess presented in the past?
Carnegie Mellon University’s CyLab, Mayo Clinic/Ragan Social Media Healthcare Summit, Seattle Interactive/Gnomedex; Taia Global’s Suits & Spooks, Washington Technology Industry Association, Purdue University, HTCIA – High Tech Crime Investigation Association, ASIS-Internationanl, AGMA, World Research Group, Ontario Canada, Secure World, ISSA, FIRST, Infrguard (multiple locales), ISACA, Cisco Live!; Interpol Intellectual Property Crime Conference;  NATO Information Assurance Conference, SC Magazine’s Executive Summit, Association of Former Intelligence Officers, Massachusetts E-Summit, Interactive 2.0, Delaware Cyber Security Conference, and the Secret Service Financial Crime Task Force.

Does media know Christopher Burgess?
Burgess has been quoted in the global media, most recently: Voice of America, El Pais (Madrid), Caijing (China), Ultimo Mundo (Brazil) Investors Business Daily, Silicon Angle, Venture Beat, Semantic Web, Pando Daily, PC Advisor, E-content Magazine, Puget Sound Business Journal, Information Week, Beckers Hospital Review, Health Data Management, eWeek, SC Magazine, Security News Daily, AARP, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Computer World, Network World, CNN Money, CRN, Search Networking, Computer Weekly, Carnegie Mellon CyLab, and the Daily Telegraph. He has also appeared on BBC, CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg and AARP’s Inside E-street.