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Prevendra’s Privacy Policy


At Prevendra your information is your information, when you share it with us, it remains your information.

We will use the information for the stated purpose, and we will ask you if you would like us to keep you in the loop.  We’ll even give you the opportunity to subscribe to our updates – a clear means by which you are indicating to us you wish to receive our Prevendra Knowledge updates and product announcements (you can subscribe via the RSS feed and we won’t even know who you are).

With Prevendra, no means no, and when you say you don’t want to receive our updates, you won’t.

Nor will we, without your permission, share your contact data with anyone (on purpose).  We will take reasonable measures to protect your name and email address (the two pieces of identifying information we ask for on our contact form).

Finally, cookies, crumbs and other online analytic tools – we use cookies, you can turn off cookies on your browser – the site may not function 100%, but it will function – we understand some don’t want cookies – we need cookies to understand what is of interest and what isn’t and to learn how our site can be improved.  Similarly, if you pass from Prevendra to another site, they may collect data on you.  And we believe in transparency, we have a page explaining how we market our books, articles and the works of others – you may read more about Prevendra Transparency.

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