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Social Engineering: From Qatar With Love – Cyber espionage

Christopher Burgess Blog, Information Security

Is the Government of Qatar perfecting their social engineering or is this a case of Qatar vigilantism? A recent write-up by Claudio Guarnieri, a security researcher working for Amnesty International, leans toward nation state sponsorship, exercising what he describes as “Operation King Phish“.   A review of Guarnieri’s report and one’s brain will have a flurry of memory triggers, synapses, bringing to …

Prevendra: Intellectual Property Theft

Departing Zynga Employees Heist Intellectual Property?

Christopher Burgess Blog, Information Security, Insider Threat, IP Theft

Easiest way to lose your intellectual property?  When your departing employee walks your intellectual property right out the door. It happens far too often and the insider threat you thought of as a hypothetical?  Well, it is now a reality. This is what apparently happened to Zynga. Zynga (yes the game company is still alive and kicking) alleges in their …

Prevendra - Privacy

January 28, 2017 – International Data Privacy Day

Christopher Burgess Blog, Information Security

I am pleased to be recognized as a Data Privacy Day Champion, as is Prevendra. Every day efforts are expended to assist companies and individuals protect their collective privacy. In 2016 we witnessed millions of individuals having had their private information compromised. A healthy percentage of those compromised, found their information was being exploited and used. This year’s theme for Data …

Customer Loyalty Sweepstakes: The winner engages the customer securely

Christopher Burgess Blog, Information Security

The 2016 Nielsen report addressing customer loyalty,  “Allegiant Alignment: What Faithful Followers of Retail Loyalty Programs Want” based on the 2016 Nielsen Global Survey of Loyalty Sentiment polled more than 30,000 online consumers in 63 countries throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East/Africa and North America. They found loyalty programs continue to hook and keep hooked individual consumers. Nielsen …

Prevendra - Ameriprise FInancial

Financial Advisor at Ameriprise exposes millions in assets via NAS

Christopher Burgess Blog, Data Breach (Financial, Education, Business, Government, Healthcare), Information Security

Do you use a financial advisor? I do, and I recommend mine to others without reservation. Part of that recommendation comes from the manner in which the account data is secured, which provides me more than a modicum of assurance that the folks managing my money are not asleep at the switch when it comes to protecting my identity (and …

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BYOD: Users are a nightmare without policies

Christopher Burgess Blog, Burgess writes for IBM MidSize Insider, Information Security

Over the course of the past several years business leaders have evaluated and implemented the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement as a cost-effective methodology to preserve or reduce information technology (IT) operating expenses. In the quest to reduce these operational expenses, one might overlook the need to have a robust BYOD policy. A policy of this order addresses not only the technological …

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Ransomware: Attack and Resolution

Christopher Burgess Blog, Data Breach (Financial, Education, Business, Government, Healthcare), Information Security

Companies continue to fall victim to ransomware* on a regular basis. According to an IBM X-Force® Research report, “Ransomware: How consumers and businesses value their data” 70 percent of companies who have fallen victim to ransomware, have paid the ransom. The FBI tells us the typical ransom is in the range of $200 to $10,000 paid, with some notable cases of ransome …

Prevendra - MSU data breach

MSU data breach: Database with 400,000 records accessed

Christopher Burgess Blog, Data Breach (Financial, Education, Business, Government, Healthcare), Information Security

Michigan State University (MSU) has confirmed that on Nov. 13 an unauthorized party gained access to an MSU server containing certain sensitive data which included the personal identifying information of 400,000 individuals. The MSU data breach, characterized by the MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon as a,”criminal act in which unauthorized users gained access to our computer and data systems”. …

Prevendra - blu phone's phone home

Chinese Cyber Espionage: What’s leaving your smartphone?

Christopher Burgess Blog, China, Information Security, IP Theft, National Security Issues

This week we saw, possible evidence of, yet another form of the Chinese cyber espionage. Smartphones calling “home” to China with user data. This is every government’s worst counterintelligence and cyber security nightmare. We are warned, repeatedly about the threat of Chinese cyber espionage, especially those in the national security arena. For those in the private sector, having the data …

Prevendra - Reliability

Reliability disrupted when your data isn’t stolen, it’s changed

Christopher Burgess Blog, Information Security

[text_output]Competitors and nation states have long known that to disrupt your competition is often times all that is necessary in order to garner a competitive advantage. It is for this reason that all information security (infosec) practitioners have long understood the importance of the three status indicators of the network infrastructure and data/services within: Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS). We see ...
Prevendra - Data backup

Where’s Your data and Can You Actually Get To It?

Christopher Burgess Blog, Burgess articles - Huffington Post & El Huffington Post, Information Security

You arrive at work or home. You unload your laptop or go to your desktop and power up the system by pressing the “ON/OFF” button. Lights flicker; nothing happens. If you’re like me your mind races; you sigh and think, “I don’t need this today.” You repeat. You inspect. You scratch your head. This was my situation a few weeks …

Prevendra - Insider Theft

Insider Threat Becomes Insider Theft: What’s your plan.

Christopher Burgess Blog, Information Security, Insider Threat

In a prime example of insider threat, becomes insider theft, we saw the FBI arrest and the Department of Justice file a criminal complaint against Ralph Mandil, an employee of an unidentified distributor of “As Seen on TV” products (we believe to be Corvex Cookware). Mandil faces two federal charges: Theft of Trade Secrets and Wire Fraud. A Ralph Mandil’s, LinkedIn Profile identifies him …