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Murder in Pyongyang

Christopher Burgess Blog, National Security Issues

The world collectively learned of the passing of Otto Warmbier, the U.S. student who was held in North Korea. Let me correct this, Otto Warmbier who was murdered by the Kim Jung Un regime. Warmbier had the audacity to lift a poster off a wall (think souvenir) and was arrested for taking the wall poster. Warmbier was then tried by the …

China - Shanghai

JPMorgan runs afoul of the FCPA: $264 million settlement

Christopher Burgess Blog, China, National Security Issues

This past week we learned that the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) has teeth. JP Morgan Chase (JPMorgan) essentially, used the hiring of the children of Chinese leaders as a bribe in exchange for US$100,000,000 in deals in China a violation of the FCPA. In addition the bank violated the anti-bribery, books and records, and internal controls provisions of the …

Prevendra - Putin's gambit fails

Kremlin’s Clinton Gambit Fails With Trump’s Election

Christopher Burgess Blog, National Security Issues, Russia

A little over a month ago I wrote of the Russian gambit to influence the US national elections by seemingly backing the Republican party candidate Donald J. Trump in hopes that the US electorate would swing in mass to back Democratic party candidate Hillary R. Clinton. In my piece, US Presidential Election 2016: The Kremlin Prefers??? I made the argument that …

Prevendra - blu phone's phone home

Chinese Cyber Espionage: What’s leaving your smartphone?

Christopher Burgess Blog, China, Information Security, IP Theft, National Security Issues

This week we saw, possible evidence of, yet another form of the Chinese cyber espionage. Smartphones calling “home” to China with user data. This is every government’s worst counterintelligence and cyber security nightmare. We are warned, repeatedly about the threat of Chinese cyber espionage, especially those in the national security arena. For those in the private sector, having the data …

Prevendra - Gregory Allen Justice - arrest

Selling secrets to Russia? It’s a bad idea

Christopher Burgess Blog, Burgess writes for Clearance Jobs, Insider Threat, National Security Issues, Russia

The headline read:  Selling Secrets to the Russians? Jason Bourne Fan arrested in spy drama of his own.  Thus implying the motivation for Gregory Allen Justice was his sick wife, a job at which he felt unappreciated and a fascination with cinematic secret operatives such as Jason Bourne and James Bond. There’s more to the story. When he was arrested for what the …


Fake LinkedIn profiles engaged in global espionage targeting

Christopher Burgess Blog, National Security Issues

The BBC reports that hackers are using fake LinkedIn profiles to befriend professionals and use their information in future attacks. Source: Fake LinkedIn profiles used by hackers – BBC News The BBC article pulls from a Symantec Threat Report “Fake LinkedIn accounts want to add you to their professional network” this report comes on the heels of the piece crafted …

Prevendra - China

Espionage in the Heartland: Rice to China

Christopher Burgess Blog, China, Insider Threat, National Security Issues

On 12 December 2013, a criminal complaint was filed by the United States Attorney in the Kansas District, petitioning for the arrest of two individuals, with ties to China, for the theft of  trade secrets from Ventria Bioscience and other companies. Subsequently, these same two individuals were indicted for “conspiracy to steal trade secrets” by a federal grand jury on …

Prevendra - China Intellectual Property

Espionage in the Heartland: Corn to China

Christopher Burgess Blog, China, Insider Threat, National Security Issues

Espionage in the heartland of the United States? For two-plus years, perhaps for as many as four, a different type of harvesting has been occurring throughout the heartland of the United States. According to the criminal complaint (see below), filed by the United States Attorney, Nicholas A. Klinefeldt, a Chinese company, Kings Nower Seed, and their personnel have been harvesting more …

Transparency International measures global corruption

Christopher Burgess Blog, National Security Issues

Critics say the NGO’s Corruption Perceptions Index conveys an ‘elite bias’ and doesn’t show evidence of actual corruption

Prevendra - Iranian Nuclear Power Plants

Iranian nuclear accord deserving of skepticism or buying diplomatic space?

Christopher Burgess Blog, Iran, National Security Issues

White House courts critics as president seeks support for nuclear deal with Iran with a flurry of phone calls to foreign allies

Nation States, Espionage and Counterespionage

Nation States’ Espionage and Counterespionage – An overview of the Economic Espionage landscape of 2007

Christopher Burgess Blog, National Security Issues

  Though we are mid-way through 2013, I refer to a study I wrote in 2008 as it contains many data points applicable today.  In 2008 I published via CSO Online a study on the Economic Espionage landscape of 2007, detailing how the many countries which share this world are both complaining at having been targeted or victimized, while others …

Prevendra - China Intellectual Property

China’s intellectual property advance

Christopher Burgess Blog, China, National Security Issues

Prevendra’s Christopher Burgess posted a piece on China in the Huffington Post – China’s Military – Here we are!, which noted how the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has been eating the West’s intellectual property lunch for the past 25+ years in accordance with the PRC”s published doctrine. Especially worthy of note for those following the national security and geopolitical …