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BYOD: Users are a nightmare without policies

Christopher Burgess Blog, Burgess writes for IBM MidSize Insider, Information Security

Over the course of the past several years business leaders have evaluated and implemented the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement as a cost-effective methodology to preserve or reduce information technology (IT) operating expenses. In the quest to reduce these operational expenses, one might overlook the need to have a robust BYOD policy. A policy of this order addresses not only the technological …

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Data Breach: The Downside of Data Loss for SMBs – IBM MidSize Insider – December 2013

Christopher Burgess Burgess - Security Thought Leadership, Burgess writes for IBM MidSize Insider

Writing for IBM Midsize Insider, Christopher Burgess speaks to the downside of data loss to Small Medium Businesses.   Preferred business practices dictate cybe rsecurity, but data protection methodologies are a requirement for endpoint devices that contain customer data to protect against the possibility of a data breach/data loss. Customer data is among the most precious of all data within …