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Financial Advisor at Ameriprise exposes millions in assets via NAS

Christopher Burgess Blog, Data Breach (Financial, Education, Business, Government, Healthcare), Information Security

Do you use a financial advisor? I do, and I recommend mine to others without reservation. Part of that recommendation comes from the manner in which the account data is secured, which provides me more than a modicum of assurance that the folks managing my money are not asleep at the switch when it comes to protecting my identity (and …

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BYOD: Users are a nightmare without policies

Christopher Burgess Blog, Burgess writes for IBM MidSize Insider, Information Security

Over the course of the past several years business leaders have evaluated and implemented the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement as a cost-effective methodology to preserve or reduce information technology (IT) operating expenses. In the quest to reduce these operational expenses, one might overlook the need to have a robust BYOD policy. A policy of this order addresses not only the technological …

Prevendra - MSU data breach

MSU data breach: Database with 400,000 records accessed

Christopher Burgess Blog, Data Breach (Financial, Education, Business, Government, Healthcare), Information Security

Michigan State University (MSU) has confirmed that on Nov. 13 an unauthorized party gained access to an MSU server containing certain sensitive data which included the personal identifying information of 400,000 individuals. The MSU data breach, characterized by the MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon as a,”criminal act in which unauthorized users gained access to our computer and data systems”. …

Prevendra - Reliability

Reliability disrupted when your data isn’t stolen, it’s changed

Christopher Burgess Blog, Information Security

[text_output]Competitors and nation states have long known that to disrupt your competition is often times all that is necessary in order to garner a competitive advantage. It is for this reason that all information security (infosec) practitioners have long understood the importance of the three status indicators of the network infrastructure and data/services within: Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS). We see ...
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Your IT Security Teams Enable Business

Christopher Burgess Burgess writes for IBM MidSize Insider

Having an IT security team is an imperative for all companies, not just those in the enterprise space. This dedicated set of eyes is essential for small- to medium-size businesses (SMBs). It is imperative that security team members have a clear understanding of their role as a support to the organization and that their success be measured by the business …

Prevendra: RSA Conference

Cyber Security Event Denial: If I don’t report it, did it really happen?

Christopher Burgess Burgess - Security Thought Leadership, Burgess writes for RSA Conference

“If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” The technological equivalent of this query within cyber security exists, unfortunately: “If a compromise occurs and no one reports it, did it really happen?” The answer in both instances is, “of course.” Yet the recent survey of 200 security professionals …

Data Breach – Horizon Blue Cross – two data breaches in five years

Christopher Burgess Blog, Data Breach (Financial, Education, Business, Government, Healthcare), Health Care

Looking for information about the 2016 mis-mailing of EOB’s to Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon BCBSNJ) members?  Read-> Data Breaches Again at Horizon BCBSNJ Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey – Two data breaches in five years. [Updated 18 December 2013*] Earlier this week 839,711 members of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New …

Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost

Christopher Burgess Prevendra Books

Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost, Preventing Intellectual Property Theft and Economic Espionage in the 21st Century (Syngress 2008 –  by Christopher Burgess and Richard Power) The threats of economic espionage and intellectual property (IP) theft are global, stealthy, insidious, and increasingly common. According to the U.S. Commerce Department, IP theft is estimated to top $250 billion annually and also costs the …


Security – Who is responsible?

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Do you view your security posture in the office as more or less important in comparison to your residence? And how does that compare to the personal security profile that you exercise for you and your family? Who should be shouldering the security responsibility?  I posit — you are responsible. And I would add that you also need to hold …